4 Ways Beneficial Bugs Get Rid Of Garden Pests

Let’s face it, garden pests are the bane of most Perth gardeners’ existence. Whether they are causing tomato diseases or nibbling away at your cabbages, eradicating irksome garden bugs such as aphids without using toxic pesticides is something the sustainable gardener can only dream of.

But there is a solution. Introducing beneficial bugs into your garden is a fantastic way to control plant pests naturally. Here are four ways the team at Wanda’s use good bugs as part of their garden management system.

  • Buy ladybugs

No other bug likes feasting on aphids more than ladybugs, with some eating up to fifty per day. Ladybug larvae have been known to eat their own body weight in aphids. Despite their friendly appearance, ladybugs are what is known as a predatory species, and love nothing more than munching on scale insects such as mites, thrips and white fly. So if any of your plants have an aphid infestation, buy a box of ladybugs and watch them get to work.

Wanda recommends:  Beneficial bugs can be ordered,  if you are interested in sourcing them please give Wanda a call. 

  • Plant for butterflies

Butterflies and moths are so much more than pretty garden visitors. In an endless quest for nectar, they make brilliant pollinators and are a vital part of the food chain in your garden. Many butterflies species also provide natural pest control by keeping plant populations healthy and disease-free.

Wanda recommends: to attract butterflies to your garden, try planting Western Australian Golden Wattle, Green Carpet or Geraldton Wax. 

  • Encourage birds

Nothing says a happy, healthy garden more than the presence of native birds. A vital part of plant management, many birds such as willy wagtails and honeyeaters feast on caterpillars, aphids and other garden pests. As a bonus, they can help with pollination too.

Wanda recommends: to invite birds into your garden, consider having a water fountains or bird bath installed, and plant native trees such as banksias.

  • Ants & spiders are your friend

We know they’re not as cute as ladybugs, but ants and spiders are a wonderful addition to any garden and vital to the ecology system. Ants eat the eggs of many of your garden-variety pests, as well as helping with pollination in the trees they love to live in, such as wattle. Meanwhile spiders trap unwanted flying insects around the house and garden in their webs.

For more information about how beneficial bugs can keep your garden pests at bay, call Wanda on 9450 6165. To ask a question or book us for a quote, you can complete our customer contact form here.