Final preparations for your Christmas garden

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already through our third week of December! Where did the year go? The beginning of the month signifies the start of summer, as well as the welcoming in of the silly season. Christmas carousing and break-up parties are gearing up, and everybody’s thoughts are turning towards the big day. If it’s your turn to have family over this year or you just love summer entertaining, no doubt you’ll be outdoors enjoying Perth’s fantastic weather. In other words, now’s the time to step up your gardening game. Let the festivities begin!

Fire up the barbecue

If your barbie has been left to stagnate over the winter months, now’s the time to whip it back into shape. Remove the grills and hotplates and give them a good soak, clear out the drip tray and scrub the body. Don’t forget to spruce up the outdoor space around the barbecue as well, which is often a hub for your guests to gather. Sweep up dirt and leaves, wash down pavers with a high-pressure hose and remove the cobwebs. Add some greenery to the area in the form of potted plants. These will also help to cool down the area as well as providing shade.

Make an outdoor Christmas tree

Let’s face it, there’s little point in setting up a beautifully-decorated Christmas tree indoors if none of your guests are going to see it. If you want to avoid going the artificial tree route, why not consider growing a real-life Christmas tree in your back garden? Choose an evergreen such as a fir, spruce or pine and give it plenty of room to grow. Not only will you be saving the life of a Christmas tree, but you’ll get to enjoy the wonderful smell of Christmas all year round (particularly if it’s a pine). If time is of the essence, then any tree can be decorated to bring the festivities of Christmas outdoors. And if space is at a premium, purchase some potted poinsettias to brighten up the area.

Create a focal point

Adding a focal point in your outdoor space is a great way to draw your guests’ attention to the highlights of your garden. Whether it be a water feature, a statue, a swimming pool or even a particularly beautiful tree, make sure that it’s cleaned up and looking its best. Lighting is a great way to create a visual highlight and with the plethora of lighting options around these days, you can create any effect you like. Uplights can add drama to a night garden, while fairy lights create a sense of magic. Ponds and water features can be beautifully lit using an underwater spotlight, with the movement of the water creating its own special light display.

Merry Christmas and Thank you for supporting a local WA family business.

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