Get your garden Xmas-ready

So you’ve drawn the short straw and it looks like the family will be heading your way for Christmas Day. Lucky you! Now is a great time to get your garden or outdoor living area looking ship-shape before the silly season well and truly arrives. Here at Wanda’s, our garden design team have put together a list of tips and tricks to get your garden looking Xmas-ready in no time.

Plan ahead

With only a few weeks left until Christmas (and you know how fast they will go), it’s time to head out into the garden and start planning. If you’re looking to have Xmas lunch or dinner outside (and with Perth’s gorgeous weather why wouldn’t you), now’s the time to start your plan of attack. Consider how many people you will be having over and how you can optimise the garden in order for your guests to be properly accommodated. Seating and shade are both important factors to think about, as well as a play area if there are children.

Green it up

Nobody wants to eat their Xmas turkey while looking at a dead tree or gardens full of weeds. Make sure all brown or sickly plants and trees are cut back before the big day and all the weeds removed. Cut back any annuals or perennials in the flowerbeds, and re-plant some colour. If the garden area is looking a little sparse, consider planting trees and shrubs that are conducive to your garden’s soil conditions. At Wanda’s we offer a great service where we can advise on which plants would suit your garden best.

Protect with mulch

Now that your garden’s looking more lush, it’s time to protect all that hard work with a top dressing of high-quality mulch. This will make sure your outdoor space doesn’t just look good for Christmas Day, but all through Perth’s hotter months in early 2019. At Wanda’s, we prefer to use pine bark mulch, which is a sustainable mulching alternative that not only looks fantastic but provides perfect protection for your soil and overall plant health.

Go the whole hog

If you have out-of-towners flying in for Christmas Day, no doubt you’ll want to go that extra mile. Garden makeovers don’t have to be expensive and bring your whole property to that next-level. At Wanda’s we offer free consults to help get your garden looking the best that it can be.

For more information on how to get your garden looking Xmas-ready, contact Wanda’s Gardening & Landscaping team today on 9450 6165 or via our contact form here.