3 great ways to get your garden trick-or-treat ready

The end of October is almost upon us, and we all know what that means – Halloween is just around the corner! With just a few days to go, those little trick-or-treat rascals will be hitting up your doorstep in no time. Here are five great ways to get the gardens of Perth looking spooktacular in time for the big day.

Scary plants

Feel like getting your garden into the spirit of things? There are a whole host of plants that can be sown into your garden beds or pots quickly and easily in time for Halloween. Deep purple and inky black flowers and plants, such as pansies, orchids and succulents, can look particularly creepy when planted in groups near your front door. Pansies and orchids have the added bonus of having little faces on them. If you prefer to ward off evil spirits (or the neighbourhood kids), try planting a few of the smellier varieties of plants, such as the green kamala, which smells like a skunk. We hear hanging long bundles of garlic also works rather well…

Let there be light

Steps, driveways and verandahs are all perfect places for adding a bit of light for your little monsters, ghouls and vampires to enjoy. Decorate walkways with spooky Jack-o-lantern pumpkins that have been carved out and lit from within with battery-powered candles. Lamps, electric (or solar) candles and fairy lights hung amongst the trees and on steps can all add an air of mystery and magic to your garden.  For safety purposes, be sure not to use real candles. Lighting the way will not only give your home a little bit of ghoulish atmosphere, but will also make it easier for your little visitors to see where they’re going.

Remove the hazards

Halloween is an ideal time to pull out the toolbox and scan your garden for any potential safety hazards that may hamper (or even injure) your mini-ghouls. Loose handrails and steps, blown exterior lights and broken or splintered front gates are all potential traps that may mar their special night. Get rid of errant chicken-wire, nail down broken or fallen wooden panels and put away tools and garden hoses before they arrive.

For more garden makeover ideas, have a chat to one of the friendly team at Wanda’s Gardening & Landscaping today. Call us on 9450 6165, or complete our customer contact form here. And have a happy Halloween!