How To ‘Spark Joy’ In Your Garden


Does it spark Joy?

Thanks to a tiny, very energetic Japanese woman, Australia has gone more than a little nuts over the tidying-up craze. Organising guru Marie Kondo is the Beyonce of de-cluttering, and has taken over the world (and Netflix) with her minimalist approach to cleaning up homes and gardens everywhere. Here in Perth, throwing away everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ is now so popular that it’s even hitting our news headlines.  But the cleaning up frenzy shouldn’t just be limited to inside your home.  Once the house is de-cluttered, you don’t want to leave your garden a mess. Which means a good garden tidy-up should be next on your ‘to do’ list. Here are a few ways using the KonMari method can help make your outdoor space a place you truly enjoy.

Step 1. Use different categories to declutter

Don’t just sort through stuff wily-nily or area by area. Marie Kondo advises sorting everything into specific categories before getting started. In the case of your garden area, these categories may include tools, potting supplies, outdoor furniture, pot plants and ‘komono’, which means miscellaneous. Take each item from every corner of your garden, and sort everything into separate piles using these categories. Once this is done, you’re ready to move onto the fun part!

Step 2. Ask yourself this: does it spark joy?

In other words, if you don’t love every single item in your garden, then it may be time to let some things go. Go through each category one by one, and ask yourself this question while looking at every garden accessory, plant and item of furniture individually. Place each item in either a ‘keep’ or ‘go’ pile. For the items you’re letting go of that still have life in them, think about donating them to family, friends, neighbours or to a charity store.

Step 3: Give each remaining item a home

Once you’re left with the remaining items in your garden, designate accessible areas for them to live in. Marie Kondo loves storage boxes, so for seasonal items or tools you only use occasionally, think about purchasing several attractive, weather-proof containers to store them neatly away.

Step 4: Rethink your garden space

By this stage, your garden will be looking much cleaner and far more spacious than it did before. Not only that, everything in it will bring you pleasure. With all the extra space, this is a perfect time to redefine your garden’s style. This can include re-zoning plants and entertainment areas, incorporating a water feature into the design or garden landscaping. Think about the overall vibe you’d like to create, and go from there!

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