Client Snapshot: Mardi’s Verge

Isn’t it funny how the people of Perth call our front lawn the verge, while the rest of Australia calls it the naturestrip! We had a call from one of our regular clients in Burswood recently, and she was ‘over’ her wide verge. It was on a corner, and was in a prominent position in the neighbourhood. Mardi wanted a verge makeover that utilised Australian native plants and mulch, so the Wanda’s team set to work!

Before the Wanda’s Team Arrived


Like many verges in Perth, Mardi’s was looking a little sad and neglected. It was just sandy lawn, the reticulation wasn’t doing its job and it didn’t tie in at all with their beautiful home.

“We have 185 square metres of verge, with two jacarandas and one golden raintree,” said Mardi.

“We were sick of the ugly lawn, sick of the weeds and prickles and wanted a water-wise native verge garden.”

After a number of conversations with Enrico about it over the years, Mardi decided to bite the bullet and get it landscaped using Council-compliant plants and organic material.

“After 30 years of watering and mowing the verge, as well as watching the reticulation constantly being damaged by cars, I was over it!” said Mardi.


Enrico’s initial idea was to create a landscaped, sculptured verge with rocks and sleepers. However, the Council initially thought it may be too high.

“I have to say, Wanda’s team were absolutely fantastic through it all,” said Mardi.

“They were right on board with what we were doing, and Enrico actually pushed approval through Council for us.”

Mardi also felt sorry for Enrico’s crew, who were toiling away in 37 degree plus days.

“It was hard physical work on a big, sloping site and it was very difficult for them. They also had to keep coming and going while waiting for Council approval, and they ended up doing such a beautiful job,” she said.

These days, people slow down as they drive past to get a good look at the newly-landscaped verge.

“Everyone in the neighbourhood absolutely loves the new garden. It’s quite a prominent site, so I wanted to make sure it could be enjoyed by everybody. The colours we chose with Wanda match our house, which is a very faint blush pink with some silver. Most of the plants we chose are going really, really well and thriving.”  

For more information about how the team at Wanda’s can transform your garden or verge with a makeover, talk to us today. You can call us on 9450 6165, or complete our customer contact form here.

Getting Started – Supplies arrive

Our team are hard at work

Crushed Pea gravel

Photo bomber – Finished one corner of the verge.

Finished Product – Second corner of the verge