Awesome Water Wise Tips & Tricks for a Perth Summer

With the spring temperatures steadily on the rise, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Perth is getting set for one of its infamous hot summers. While we get set to head for the local beaches and waterways, what does all that heat mean for our gardens? In a nutshell, it’s mostly going to be about water management.

Sprinklers Savvy…

One of the first things you’ll want to get onto now that summer’s around the corner is your reticulation. Over the winter months, it’s easy for reticulation piping and solenoids to wear down, and that means getting it tested. By testing you can ensure everything is in working order and worn or missing parts can be replaced. While you’re there, you can also make sure your retic system is maximising water efficiency through the use of sprinkler heads and spray nozzles that are suitable for your garden. This will help minimise overspray and maximise even cover, which is what plants need to grow.

Water Wisely…

During the hotter months, plants will need regular, deep watering in order to stay hydrated. Use your two watering days (or three if you have a bore) to give your garden a thorough soaking. How long you water for depends on the type of sprinkler, with pop-up sprinklers needing fifteen minutes and rotating sprinklers needing around sixty minutes to provide the optimal 10mm of water.

Mulch, Mulch and More Mulch…

As we discussed in our last post, nothing keeps water in the ground more than a good covering of mulch. Mulch plays a vital role in keeping your soil healthy and moist while reducing evaporation. At Wanda’s, we use a high-quality pine bark mulch on all our gardens as we find it has high water retention.

Other tips for protecting your garden against the sun include:

  • Use wetting agents to aid water penetration
  • Water in the early morning or late evening during summer to reduce evaporation

For more information on reticulation installation or repairs and how to keep you garden water-wise this summer, call Wanda today on 9450 6165. Alternatively, you can complete our customer contact form here.